Davide Luciani is an artist, electronic music composer and producer based in Berlin.
Spanning sound installations, electroacoustic music, multimedia installations, sculpture, and visual art, his practice encompasses a broad range of disciplines. His visual and installation works aim to stress the means of affected reality through the entanglement of mixed-media spaces. Luciani's uses the element of fiction, liminality and sonic-visualism as tools to establish environments that are both sensitive and unpredictable. His sonic and music research is rooted in the use of acoustic pressure, sound sculpting and amplification tecniques as musical means to extend and blur the notion of the instrument. Working with post-production techniques as performative tools, Luciani crafts a harshness that is both textural and erratic, formal and visceral.

Alongside his solo works, Luciani has collaborated on projects with sound artists Fabio Perletta, Jorge Quintela, Jordan Juras, Stine Janvin, choreographer Deva Schubert and film director Lauro Cress among others. He co-founded the broken-beat-noise band Forster with musician Mitchell Keaney. 
His work has been presented in various contexts such as the Venice Biennale (IT), Ultima Festival (NO), Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology at ZHdK (CH), Triennale Milano (IT), and CAAA Guimarães (PT).

In 2014, together with Fabio Perletta, he co-founded Mote, an interdisciplinary studio whose practice addresses sound and vision. He is also part of the publishing collective Stray Signals and the event series called Sturmundrang, dedicated to extreme practices in sound. In 2023, he graduated with an MA in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at Universität der Künste in Berlin. He hosts "Tamer Tensor," a radio show on Noods Radio.


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