Davide Luciani is an electronic music producer, curator and artist based in Berlin. His practice spans from sound, multimedia, scultpure and visual arts. His research crossed the aesthetic and poetics of virtuality as tensor between fiction, identity and materiality. 

He is currently a MFA candidate at Sound Studies and Sonic Arts at Udk Berlin. In 2014, together with sound artist Fabio Perletta, he co-founded Mote, an interdisciplinary studio whose practice addresses sound and vision. In 2020 he initiated a music project with director and sound artist Jorge Quintela. Luciani also part of Forster, a noise-electronic band with musician and curator Mitchell Keaney. In the last years he joined the publishing collective Stray Signals and he has initiated together with Mitchell Keaney and Dasha Redkina, the event series called Sturmundrang, dedicated to extreme practices in sound. 


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