The Order Room (2023)

at Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

Conceived and created by
Davide Luciani

Additional Sound Design
Aleksander Filipiak

Sculpture consultancy 
Richard Green

Hans Peter Kuhn,
Stas Shariffulin

Thanks for their support to
Lottie Sebes, Filippo Vogliazzo, Anna Cingi, Rabih Beaini, Andrea Familari, Aleksander Filipiak, Mitchell Keaney, Fred Mann.  

"The Order Room" is a Master work realised in occasion of the M.A. Sound Studies and Sonic Arts's master exhibition. 
Universität der Künste, 2023

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Comprised of wax casts punctured by oozing liquids, vaseline, pumps, speakers, and silicone hoses filled with petroleum oil, this piece weaves the semblance of a (non-)functional system of mutually nourishing elements. Hosted in an industrial kitchen fallen into disuse, the site-specific installation intertwines the space’s formal function with a fictive method of production. In "The Order Room", Luciani crafts a series of disparate sculptural elements, hinting at a vitality that lies in the intra-action of objects and sound. 

Petroleum wax, motor, vaseline, silicone hoses, fabric, steel, peristaltic pumps, petroleum oil, transducers, bass amplifier, speakers, lights.