Il Primo (2021)

at Triennale Milano 

by Davide Luciani
Laura Simonet

and Maria Chiara Pederzini

"Il Primo" is the final work of the Workshop/Seminar: 
by Romeo Castellucci 


At first glance, a gesture, a word reveals an almost interdictory moment, between happening and becoming. Like the stage of eternity that is created between drowsiness and dreaming, those moments where the truth of existing has not yet happened, where every signal is confused in its continuous deception.
We are there, slumbering between our muffled world and the cavern of the outside, trying to recognize every signal, every instance that so urgently asks us to see, to understand, to feel and that, almost like a trap, leaves us alone before the need to have to respond. It is a minefield, dumb and unfit to catch the spark of meaning, we are left alone before the blindness of light.
The answer is only in the act, perhaps in a performative utterance where the I says, names and curses. To possession of the gaze, a desperate act to hold back the light.

Il Primo was presented at the Triennale Milano in the framework of Romeo Castellucci's formative project Nascondere, organized by Triennale Milano in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture's General Directorate for Contemporary Creativity, will take place between November and December 2021. Fourteen days of study on the art of the scene, led by Romeo Castellucci and guests, among the many Carloni & Franceschetti, Andrea Cortellessa, Silvia Rampelli, Gaetano Lettieri, Patrizio Esposito, Claudio Franzoni, Roberto Cuoghi, Scott Gibbons, Yasmine Hugonnet and Cindy Van Acker.

Il Primo

Performance view: Il Primo – Triennale Milano (2021)