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“Almost became invisible and slowly disappear” is an audiovisual installation created by Davide Luciani and Claudio Rocchetti. The installation leads to a meditation of forms, a transient world, metaphorically related to the process of memory, where anything beyond its immediate perception disappear into an outer world.

The audiovisual has been produced by Mote and premiered worldwide at Musma (Matera, IT) as part of the festival “Dal Segno al Suono, dal Suono al Segno V Edition” curated by Vincenzo Santarcangelo and with the partenership of Radio 3.


"Entropia di una sistemazione semplice" (Entropy for an simple placement) is an interactive art installation conceived and realized by Guido Ballatori, Silvia Luciani and Davide Luciani.
The sound environment is based on the Pythagorean tuning using piano's samples modulated by granular synthesizers and loopers. The interactive environment has been conceive as a multisensorial system: 8 piezo sensor, arranged on the ground, and controlled by a midi interface, 1 distance sensor on the main wall and a camera, centred on the top of the main wall, as eye-mapper.
Arduino, Max msp and Ableton live has been programmed to cooperate in order to map exactly the position of a person in the room. This interactive environment was build up to give a precise sound response in terms of position, sound modulation and intensity.
The concept was to create two different kind of audio events and feelings, a chaotic/disarmonic one, made up of multilayer sound resulting by the overlapping sounds created by the modulation of several granular synthesis-loopers (activated by piezo sensors) on the armonic loop of the piano's fifth; the other one, an armonic and melodic sound obtained, finally, lowering all the noise with the proximity to the waxed sun.
I'd like to thank Stefano Sasso for his tips and tricks in programming Max Msp.
Entropia di una sistemazione semplice has been produced by Museo Tattile Statale Omero of Ancona (Italy) and hosted in the beautiful venue of Mole Vanvitellina from July until October 2012.


Autodafè is an art installation conceived and created by Guido Ballatori and Silvia Luciani with the collaboration of Graziano Gregorio.
The sound work was build using mainly pyre's recording, divided into two stage of listening, one diegetic, directly connected with the video and a second one extremely extradiegetic, coming slowly in fade in, as representation of the send to stake of the underclasses culture. The burned book for the installation was an old farmer manual.

ICARO (2011)

Icaro is a site specific multimedia installation created by G. Ballatori-S. Luciani for InVisibile Festival 2012 edition. The ancient greek myth has inspired the creation of a room in which the progressive and cinematic aspect of the dissolution is strictly related with the disintegration of memories, desires, worlds.
The musical piece is a twelve minutes long electro-acoustic ambient loop that consider the elements of celestial bliss, struggle and inescapable death.

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